R package numbr 0.11.3 posted

My simple package of useful numeric functions, numbr, has been updated to version 0.11.3 and posted to GitHub. You can install it with the command


0.11.3 adds the %==% operator. %==% implements the base R function all.equal(), comparing two numeric or integer vectors for near-equality. Unlike all.equal, %==% returns a vector for every element of the left-hand and right-hand sides. This makes it useful in functions like which or dplyr::filter.

I use %==% when making comparisons between columns of a data frame that have been calculated and may have differences due to machine accuracy errors.

%==% currently uses the defaults for other parameters to all.equal (most notably tolerance), and no method is implemented to alter those parameters in this version.

Full documentation of the functions in numbr can be found at tomhopper/numbr.

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