I work with companies on their problems, helping guide them to solutions that work for them. My passion is leading companies toward excellence by identifying and developing great products, building and improving processes that sustain changes with minimal effort and instilling the knowledge needed to make better decisions long into the future. I receive the greatest satisfaction from seeing that “aha!” moment when my clients and colleagues realize that there are robust methods to solve the problems they’ve struggled with.

My approach is to blend technical knowledge and business acumen. In product development, I use well-established best practices, including Quality Function Deployment and Design for Six Sigma to inform business decisions about what products to pursue and what features they should have. In process improvement I apply Lean and Six Sigma, translating technical results into business terms of revenue, costs and return on investment. Data analysis and visualization forms a backbone across all of my work, providing a robust, evidence-based foundation for decision-making that I communicate clearly and visually.

I have successfully used this approach to launch millions of dollars worth of new products, including new products in new markets, and to cut operating expenses by millions of dollars while improving customer satisfaction and without touching headcount.

I look forward to working with you.

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